The Moroccan occupation of Western Sahara has continued since 1975. During all this years, the fundamental rights of the Saharawi people have been trampled on with impunity, through systematic abuse, the construction of an apartheid wall that claims the lives of Saharawis on a daily basis, and the systematic plundering of Western Sahara’s natural resources, violating all international resolutions.

On 13 November 2020, we witnessed the region return to armed conflict after Morocco violated the UN-brokered ceasefire, signed in 1991.

As Saharawi civil society organisations, and based on the agreed actions to come out of the International Conference of Civil Resistance, ‘Sahara Rise’ (Dida Ould Al-Yazid), held in the Wilaya of Smara in the Saharawi Refugee Camps in February 2018, we promote the international campaign against the plundering of natural resources in Western Sahara: ‘The Sahara is not for Sale’.

This campaign is based on a vision and principles that aim to put an end to foreign investment by multinational companies located in occupied Western Sahara and companies that contribute to the systematic plundering by Morocco of the riches of Saharawi people, the sole owner of these resources.

One of the aims of the campaign is to raise awareness and mobilise international civil society in order to increase pressure on the Moroccan occupying state, ensuring this regime and its colonial project lose both popular and economic support which will inevitably lead to the end of its illegal occupation of Western Sahara.

The campaign emerges as a popular initiative led by civil society organisations from different regions: from the occupied territories, the Refugee Camps and the Diaspora, in order to contribute to denouncing the illegal practices of the Moroccan occupation and its violations of the fundamental rights of the Saharawi people. The campaign also highlights the negative and negligent role played by some foreign companies involved in the illegal plundering of the Saharawi people’s resources, which constitutes material and political support for the illegal Moroccan occupation, and which therefore contributes to the continuation of its systematic violations against the rights of the Saharawis.

The campaign will target foreign companies who are involved in violating international law by entering into contracts and agreements with the Moroccan occupation state to carry out projects in occupied Western Sahara or by participating in the transport or import of Saharawi products which originate from Western Sahara. 

For all these reasons, through this campaign we demand:


An immediate halt to all foreign investment in occupied Western Sahara and the withdrawal of companies that contribute to the plundering of natural resources and the extension of the conflict.


A tearing down of the wall of ‘humiliation and shame’ that divides Western Sahara in two and protects natural resource exploitation operations in Western Sahara.


A submission by Morocco to international legality and an end to its illegal occupation of Western Sahara.


Action by states and international organisations to put pressure on Morocco in various ways, including boycott, to end its occupation of Western Sahara and allow Saharawis to live in freedom and dignity.


If you are an organization, sign the manifesto and join the campaign against the plundering of Western Sahara’s natural resources to denounce human rights violations by international companies and Morocco in the illegal occupation of Western Sahara and the plundering of Saharawi resources.

Amal Association Center Andalusia
Amal Nanclares
Asociation Daughters of Saguia and Rio Association
Asociation of saharawi disabeled
Association ARDI Hurray in Seville
Association for the Protection of the Environment of Western Sahara (ASESO)
Association of Doctor Beituha
Association of Families of Sahrawi Prisoners and Disappeared (AFAPREDESA)
Association of Landmine Victims (ASAVIM)
Association of parents of saharawi pupils
Association of saharawi community In Belgiun
Association of Saharawi culture- Center de France
Association of saharawi health professioanls in Spain
Association of Sahrawi Doctors in Spain
Association of Sahrawi Lawyers in Spain
Association of Sahrawi Women in France
Association of Sahrawis in Alicante
Association of Sahrawis in France
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Association of Sahrawis in Jerez de la Frontera
Association of Sahrawis in Lanzarote
Association of Sahrawis in Lebrija
Association of Sahrawis in Tenerife
Association of Sahrawis of Ávila
Association of Sahrawis of Bordeaux
Association of Sahrawis of Navarre
Association of Sahrawis of Périgueux
Association of Sahrawis of Sweden VGS
Association of Sahrawis of Valdepeñas
Association of the Sahrawi Community in France
Association Sportive des Sahraouis de France
Association We Can’t Applaud with One hand West centre France
Association Zemour Valence
Basmat Khayr
Centre for the Social and Juridical Orientation of Women (COSJ)
Collective of Associations of Martyr khalil Sidemhamed (Mauritania)
Collective of Associations of the Center (Mauritania)
Collective of Associations of the Martyr Sidemhamed Elab (Mauritania)
Collective of Martyr Ali Mayara Associations (Mauritania)
Collective of Martyr Sahla Edaf Associations (Mauritania)
Collective of Martyr Sidi Cheikh Associations (Mauritania)
Collective of the Sahrawi Community of Bechar (Algeria)
Collective of the Sahrawi Community of Tindouf (Algeria)
Comité of defense of human rights of Guelmim
Comittee of protection of natural resources
Comittee of the families of martyrs and dissaperaed Aiun).
Committe of defense of human rights- Smara
Committe of families of the 15 kidnapped youth (Aiun).
Committe of families of the political prisoners (Aiun)
Committe of protection of human rights defenders- Freedom Sun- Smara
Committee for the Defence for the Right to Self-determination for the People of Western Sahara (CODAPSO)
DISABI Bizkaia
Equipe Media
Franco-Sahrawi Cultural Association
Friendship Association with Western Sahara in Midi-Pyrenees (Toulouse)
Future Saharawi women forum.
Gdeim Izik group of NGOs
Group against morocan nationality.
Group of NGOs in Aiun.
Kadaya al Mara’a (women issues).
Kaddam Kheirak Timfa Qeirak
League of defense of the aharawi political prisoners
League of Saharawi Students in Spain
League of Saharawi Youth and Students in France
League of Sahrawi Athletes in Spain
League of Sahrawi Journalists in Spain
League saharawi of hunan rights in Tantan
Memory Conservation Center- Aiun
National Students’ Union (UESARIO)
National Trade Union (UGTSARIO)
National Union of Women (UNMS)
National Youth Union (UJSARIO)
NOVA (Group for Active Non Violence)
Nushata foundation
Ogranization of saharawi scouts and childhood.
Organization of Young women
Refaq (companions)
Sahara Euskadi Vitoria
Sahara Gasteiz Vitoria
Saharawi association against torture Western Sahara
Saharawi association of monitoring of natural resources and protection of environment (AREN)
Saharawi associations and comiittes in the occupied territories of Western Sahara
Saharawi campaign to ban landmines
Saharawi leage of defense of human rights and protection of RW- Bujdur.
Saharawi national human rights commission (CONASADH)
Saharawi observatory for Natural Resources
Saharawi Solidarity association in Spain
Saharawis Against the Plunder (SAP)
Saharwawi observatory for the protection of child- Aiun
Saharwi community in Galicia
Sahrawi Advocacy Campaign
Sahrawi Association Bjaoui – Pays de Loire Atlantique
Sahrawi Association CARASO
Sahrawi Association in USA (SAUSA)
Sahrawi Collective in Estepona
Sahrawi collective in GIPUZKOA
Sahrawi collective in Jaén
Sahrawi community in Aragón
Sahrawi community in Castilla-la Mancha
Sahrawi community in Grenada
Sahrawi community in Las Palmas
Sahrawi Community of Castila y León
Sahrawi Community of Catalonia
sahrawi Community of Murcia
Sahrawi Voice
Sarkha (Screams against the moroccan Wall of shame).
Shabbab Sahrawi Ma’an al Kheir (Sahrawi Youth for Good)
Taddamoun (Solidarity)
Tawasol lludio
Tayuch Amurio
The aharawi association for the protection of the saharawi culture and heritage
The Sahara is not for Sale – Sahrawi Association in Brussels
The saharawi Organ against the Moroccan occupation (ISACOM)
The Sahrawi Association of Victims of Grave Violations of Human Rights Committed by the Moroccan State (ASVDH)
Union de ingenieros Saharauis
Union of Saharawi artisans
Union of Saharawi farmers
Union of Saharawi Jourists
Union of saharawi journalists and writers (UPES)
Union of Saharawi Lawyers
Union of Saharawi teachers
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